Khan younis : Explosive Engineering to defuse unexploded ordnance in a destroyed home

Last update 11/16/2014 1:17:57 PM  

Khan Younis—(MOI)


The Palestinian police of Khan younis defused a mine from the unexploded ordnances of the Israeli occupation in Khoza\a in eastern Khan younis .

The Palestinian citizen, M.M told the MOI's correspondent that he found unexploded ordnance inside his destroyed home during the Israeli fifty day offensive against the Gaza Strip last summer. His building composed of three floors. He said that he called the concerning parties to defuse it and get it out from his home. Immediately, the civil defense and police patrols directed to the place and evacuated the inhabitants completely to protect them from any potential danger .

The adjutant, Mohammed Mockdad, that the unexploded ordnance measure up to 400kg ,which is used to blast buildings .

Police and civil defense crews adopted necessary measures to protect the life of citizens in that region during the operation .   

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