Ministry of Interior: NGOs causalities are 18 Million dollars

Last update 11/17/2014 1:33:57 PM  


The Ministry of the Interior’s [MOI] Studies and Research Centre reported that 923 NGOs causalities  in the Gaza Strip amount to 18 Million dollars because of Israeli aggression during Israel’s summer offensive.  Due to the offensive various NGOs have had to relocate but the MOIs Director General affirmed in an exclusive interview that due to insufficient funds NGOs find massive obstacles in finding suitable alternative places with reasonable rent tenancy.

He explained that the Israeli escalation targeted 48% of the NGOs administrative headquarters and 38% of their facilities

“42 of the NGOs workers were wounded or killed during the fifty day Israeli bloody attack against the Palestinian enclave" he added.

The quota of Gaza City NGOs’ casualties was 76% in comparison with other NGOs across the Strip.

He pointed out, 73% of the NGOs which provide medical service and care were targeted which is considered a violation of international law.

"The destruction of Alwafa hospital and its facilities contributes to raise the casualties of Gaza City to more than million dollars", he said.

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