Closure of Rafah crossing causes humanitarian crisis

Last update 11/20/2014 1:09:59 PM  

Gaza-Interior Ministry

Egyptian authorities has Continued the Rafah crossing closure for four consecutive weeks without persuasive reason,  which increase the suffering of the Gaza Strip people , which is already suffering for eight years under unjust siege by Israeli occupation who seek to destroy all walks of life; the right of the Palestinian people in Gaza is movement and travel like the rest of all peoples of the earth to meet the needs in the light of the difficult conditions experienced by them .

 As a result, the Ministry of Interior and National Security confirm :
First, there is no justification for the closure of the Rafah crossing, which did not constitute a security burden to Egypt and its security, and  it is subject to all prosedures that would preserve the security of Egypt and the Gaza Strip at the same time.

Second: We demand the Egyptian authorities to quickly open the Rafah crossing in both directions, and that the crossing works to facilitate the passage of goods and people, in light of the catastrophic conditions experienced by the Gaza Strip and the humanitarian crisis that is exacerbated in the strip.
Third: The continued closure of the Rafah crossing since the four weeks behind the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip, as the crossing is the only lifeline to the Gaza Strip, and now we have more than 30 thousand humanitarian and serious diseases cases need to  travel, in addition to  residencies, students, and  holders of passports; as well as the presence of nearly 6,000 Palestinians stuck on the Egyptian side, except for the stranded in other countries.

Fourth: The closure of the crossing to prevent a lot of aid convoys and solidarity delegations from reaching the Gaza Strip in light of the difficult humanitarian conditions experienced by our people, especially after the Israeli aggression, which lasted 51 days.

Fifth: The Egyptian internal events are an internal Egyptian affair, that has no relation to the Gaza strip, so the Egyptian authorities should consider the interests of our people and did not put them as a victim of these actions .

Sixth: We are keen to Egyptian national security and consider its protecting a Palestinian priority, and that Gaza's border with Egypt is safe and subject to full control by the Palestinian security services.

Ministry of Interior and National Security
Thursday, November 20, 2014

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