Albozom :MOI's Minister for Reconciliation Gov. does not contact the MOI in the Gaza Strip

Last update 11/23/2014 1:15:25 PM  


The Ministry of Interior spokesperson, Iyad Albozom, said that the Minister of Interior Mr. Rami Alhamdulillah, does not supervise his Ministry in the Gaza Strip. Further, he does not  contact the MOI's officials while he meets with those in the West Bank.

He added that the Minister of Interior offered no help to the Gaza Strip, even during the fifty-day-Israeli-offensive last summer. However,  Gazan's MOI officials have attempted to contact Mr. Alhamdulillah but all in vain. .

On his Facebook page, Albozom wrote last night that the MOI Undersecretary ,  the Commander of Internal Security Forces and the Commander of the National Security Forces direct the Ministry in Mr Alhamdulillah absence.

According to the reconciliation agreement signed in May, the MOI minister has to fulfill his tasks and responsibilities in Gaza and the West Bank.

Albzom said that the Security Forces members are unaffiliated and work according to professional laws and principals.

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