Jerusalemite Foundation reports Israeli violations in Issawiya

Last update 1/30/2013 8:55:06 AM  

The Jerusalemite Grassroots Foundation has published a report concerning events in the town of Issawiya during the recent months under the title "Issawiya resists collective punishment."

The report dealt with the Israeli escalation witnessed in Issawiya in the last three months, where the occupation forces have daily stormed the town as part of the Israeli collective punishment policy.

The report stated that Isawiya, like all other Palestinian towns, suffers from the continued Israeli violations, forcing people to organize demonstrations against this oppression, where Issawiya is known by its courageous and honorable role in resisting the occupation.

In recent months, there were many demonstrations and sit-ins organized in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails, causing daily confrontations with the occupation forces.

The Israeli forces set up since three months a flying military checkpoint not only for security reasons but to collect taxes and debts from Palestinian drivers without legal justification.

Concerning the Israeli arrests and raids, the report stated that the few recent months have witnessed a number of raids of the town of Issawiya carried out by the occupation forces.

The Israeli forces stormed the town in coincidence with Samer Issawi's trial on December 18, where they arrested 16 young men from the town.

Local sources estimated that 120 people were arrested during the Israeli raids of the town during the last months, including 14 minors.

The sources noted that the occupation forces that stormed the town were Special Forces and not police or regular army forces, including undercover units.

The report also pointed out to the National Park Israeli Scheme or 13900 plan approved by the Israeli authorities in 2011, where it confiscates 740 dunums of the land of Issawiya and Tour towns.

The report emphasized that the scheme aims to crack down on the town, preventing the natural expansion of the town to accommodate population growth in a town that already suffers demographic pressures.

The occupation authorities are planning to fill the valley with solid waste in order to confiscate the land and establish a national park in the area too.

The Jerusalemite Grassroots Foundation stated that there is another Israeli aim, which is connecting area E 1 with Ma'ale Adumim settlement in Jerusalem, and thus isolate the city from the rest of the West Bank and prevent territorial contiguity between the northern and southern West Bank.

The report indicated that the 13900 scheme violates the international humanitarian and human rights law.

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