Palestinian Ministry of Interior addresses urgent appeal for Ukrainian Interior Ministry and demands to disclose the reasons for disappearance of Abu Sisi

Last update 2/28/2011 10:22:57 AM  

Minister of Interior and National Security Mr. Fathi Hammad has addressed an urgent appeal to the Minister of Interior of Ukraine, Major-GeneralAnatolii Volodymyrovych Mohyliov asking him to take urgent actions to detect the reasons for the disappearance of the Palestinian citizen Dirar Musa Abu Sisi and ensure his return to his family and homeland.

This appeal was written in an official letter sent to the Interior Ministry of Ukraine on Friday 25/2/2011, whereas, Hammad called the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior to take into consideration the kidnapping of Abu Sisi and address the issue urgently.


The letter included the details of the loss of Abu Sisi, 42 years, who has been lost on 18 February, while he was going to Kiev; to see his brother Joseph in the airport of Barespol, that came from Netherlands to see his brother.

In the next morning, one of Abu Sisi's friends - who was waiting him a train station in Kiev to drive him to the airport- was surprised that Abu Sisi did not come out of the sixth cart, and his brother Joseph was surprised that Derar was not met at the airport.


After several hours of waiting at the airport, some Arabs advised Joseph to communicate with Palestinian community and inform the police.

Palestinian Ministry of Interior pointed out in its letter that the wife of Abu Sisi "Voronica Serge" has returned to the capital of Ukraine "Kiev", after the disappearance of her husband, and she informed the competent Ukrainian authorities about the disappearance of her husband.


The letter showed that the Palestinian citizen Abu Sisi was born in 1969 in Jordan, and he has got a master's degree in Electrical Engineering in 1994 from the University of "Zbroujea," also, he has got PHD in 1999 from the National University in Kiev.

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